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Napoitelni Sistemi EAD (Irrigating Systems) - branch Sliven is a joint-stock company and takes care of state owned irrigation installations.

Main activity: maintenance, and exploitation of irrigating equipment in the territory of Sliven district and water distribution for irrigating the arable land of the region.

Main water source: Zhrebchevo artificial lake, capacity - 400 million m3 water. According to its classification as a hydro installation it is a perennial compensating basin having 370 million m3 usable reservoir storage capacity and 30 million m3 dead reservoir storage capacity (sanitary minimum).

The irrigating installations are united in Sredna Toundja Irrigating Systems having designed capacity of  970 thousand daa irrigated land and are located in the territory of Sliven and Yambol districts. The whole irrigating system consists of four basic exploiting units: Binko - Marasha, Nova Zagora, Mlekarevo - Padarevo, Kermen - Roza.









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Zrebchevo Sports and tourists complex is located at the foot of the Sarnena Sredna Gora mountain, on the side of the Zhrebchevo lake at a 10km distance from the high way Sofia - Karlovo - Sliven - Bourgass.

The complex has 70 beds in:

  • Hotel (4 suites and 7 double rooms) total - 30 beds .

  • 3 Small houses - 24 beds.

  • 4 Bungalows - 16 beds.

There is a colour TV set, telephone and refrigerator in every room.

There is a conference hall (50 seats) available in the hotel.

The restaurant has:

Large hall - 80 seats available.  Small banquet hall - 20 seats, a spacious two-level terrace and a summer garden - 16 seats.

Day bar and summer garden - 20 seats available.

There are 2 tennis courts, 2 swimming pools and a football ground available. For the water sports lovers - sailing boats, water skiing, pedal floats, wind surfs, motor launch, boat.